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Years after his death, Elvis continues to be one of the world's highest earning entertainers. It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings. Elvis songs are still among the most played on radio, TV and the internet. Elvis' earnings last year topped $40 million. Elvis' estate does not receive any royalty income from his biggest recordings prior to 1973 because the rights for those recordings were sold to RCA for a mere $5 million many years ago. Most of the Elvis income is generated by merchandising his image and admission fees to Graceland. Elvis was the top earner among no longer living entertainers.

Elvis is said to have been six feet tall and his weight varied. He was considered to have been at his prime at about 175 pounds.

Elvis actually starred in 33 movies. Many other films have his likeness performing some songs either visually or on the soundtrack. Many movies with Elvis as a performer were spliced together after his death. His TV specials have been shown with live orchestras, much like a movie, but he acted in only 33 films.

TV and TV Specials

The actual TV appearances of Elvis were always big hits. He first appeared as a novelty act on Stage Show with the big band music of Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey in 1956. By the middle of his first song the novelty wore off and Elvis became, even before overnight, almost instantly, the number one entertainer in America. He was phenomenal. He was all that was new,,, plus he could sing. He made six appearances on Stage Show and was beseiged by offers for movie acting roles and TV appearances and, probably the Presidency, if he had wanted it.

Next on TV were two appearances on the still popular Milton Berle Show. Berle would later say that he knew Presley would be a big star because there was so much mail coming from people who hated Elvis. Berle knew that if enough people were complaining, you had to be doing something right.

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Steve Allen was next to feature Elvis on television. Steve tried to make Elvis a comedy act by having him sing Hound Dog to a real dog. The fans stayed with Elvis and the picture from the TV appearance with the dog was used as a picture sleeve by Elvis who had no difficulty laughing at himself. Hound Dog and Don't Be Cruel became the biggest selling record in history up to that point with each side becoming number one in radio airplay.

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Flaming Star LP This is a rare Long Play album. It was available only from Singer Sewing Machine Outlets. It was later released by RCA without the Singer advertising.

Elvis had several phases in his career as a singer. His earliest Sun Records recordings on vinyl are very valuable and rare. He originally was considered to be a young Country singer who had an interesting rhythm and a way of moving when he performed. Rock and Roll did not become mainstream until 1955 so Elvis was hard to categorize at first. If you have any early pre 1955 items that are Elvis related those are the most desired Elvis collectables.

Next phase is the early Rock and Roll before RCA Elvis items such as his Sun recordings of I Forgot To Remember To Forget You and I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone. In 1955 Elvis was starting to appear on Pop charts. He usually was seen wearing suits that were perhaps a size too big for him and maybe white shoes. He was beginning to become a Rocker.

After joining RCA, Elvis was a full fledged Rock and Roll star. His style would not change until he joined the Army in 1958.

After his Army stint, Presley came home and hid in Hollywood without his sideburns, making not so good movies until 1968.

In 1968 Elvis reestablished himself as the King of Rock and Roll with his famous TV Comeback Special. From that time until his death he was the style leader for all entertainers with his Vegas look. Great hair and wardrobe and music. He was back. Each of the Elvis phases has value to collectors.

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Elvis; An Original

Follow That Dream This a my EP for Follow That Dream. An EP means it is an Extended Play record with 4 songs. EPs have gained popularity as the years have passed. They were never sold in the quantities that singles achieved.

Elvis had style. He was as sleek as a 1959 Cadillac convertible with fins when he did a live show. Hollywood was a stumbling block for him. He was never given a really great role and his movies soon were like movies of the week. Anytime he appeared live or when he did his Gospel recordings the real Elvis was seen and heard. He was always there, but when Hollywood directors and writers and editors were finished with him the results were fake. Very few great songs came from his movies with notable exceptions like Can't Help Falling in Love and Jaihouse Rock. Any wardrobe or musical instruments from his movies would, of course, be very collectable.

Elvis collectables include not only those things he may have touched, but various items mass produced since he passed away. There are clocks, lamps, teddy bears and dolls. Some of the more recent items might become favorites of collectors in years to come. Buy low and sell high is the motto for Wall Street. It also applies to Elvis memorabilia. If something at a lawn sale is low cost and has an Elvis connection it could increase in value.

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