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Most of Elvis movies in which he acted were made with the idea of making a quick buck for the producers. The idea of making a great film that would be around for years and decades to come was not considered because it might take too much time and it could be risky since many great films did not do well at the box office when they were first released. Elvis' movies always made money at the box office the first time they were shown.

Love Me Tender

First movie

Loving You

Several good songs (Teddy Bear), a good Elvis movie

Jailhouse Rock

Some great songs, excellent title tune dance, nice story

King Creole

One of Elvis' best films with some good songs (Hard Headed Woman, Don't Ask Me Why)

G.I. Blues

Elvis is in the Army and he meets Juliet Prowse. Some very good songs and great scenery

Flaming Star

Nice title song

Wild in the Country

Only a couple of songs. One of Elvis best acting jobs

Blue Hawaii

Many great songs (Can't Help Falling in Love With You, Blue Hawaii) and beautiful scenes plus wonderful cast

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Follow That Dream

My personal favorite Elvis movie, Like an Andy Griffith comedy

Kid Galahad

Elvis as a boxer, King of the Whole Wide World

Girls! Girls! Girls!

No! No! No!

It Happened at the World's Fair

For Seattle fans

Fun in Acapulco

Bossa Nova, Baby

Kissin' Cousins

Title song was a hit, but not Elvis usual high quality

Viva Las Vegas

Elvis is back again, Ann-Margret and a great title tune, good scenes of Las Vegas 1964


Carnival scenes, good cast, some good songs

Elvis actually starred in 33 movies. Many other films have his likeness performing some songs either visually or on the soundtrack. Many movies with Elvis as a performer were spliced together after his death. His TV specials have been shown with live orchestras, much like a movie, but he acted in only 33 films.

Jailhouse Rock EP Jailhouse Rock EP had 5 songs. It is one of Mr. Presley's finest vinyl releases. It is an EP or Extended Play record.

The vinyl 45 rpm records called EPs usually had two songs on each side and they were packaged in heavy cardboard with a nice picture on the cover and a story on the back, like a vinyl album, only smaller. Their individual value depends largely on condition and scarcity.


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The Real Elvis Another EP that collectors enjoy finding is this one called, "The Real Elvis."

More Elvis Films

Girl Happy

Good music

Tickle Me

Great music

Harum Scarum

Not good

Frankie and Johnny

Good wardrobe

Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Blue Hawaii is better


The album has great music

Easy Come, Easy Go

OK songs

Double Trouble



OK beach movie

Stay Away, Joe

Good acting


OK, good action and music

Live a Little, Love a Little

Not good


Elvis acting, Western, One song

The Trouble With Girls

Worth missing

Change of Habit


Elvis, That's The Way It Is

Backstage with Elvis

Elvis on Tour

Another live appearance movie.

Elvis Wish List

There are many photos which were taken of Elvis in various wardrobe from his movies. The wardrobe personnel have to have photos available of each outfit worn by the actor in each scene so that look can be matched if necessary for any refilming. Usually it was a Polaroid. After the film has completed the picture might be thrown away or saved by someone from the wardrobe department. Many such pictures exist of Elvis and they would be considered very valuable as one of a kind, not copies.

If you have an investigative, detective like mind, you can probably track down some Elvis photos or autographs which have not seen the light of day in many years. Many of the crew members and extras who worked on his movies and TV shows might have collectable memorabilia they would sell for the right price. Their names would be in the credits. If they are still working they might be found by checking phone books or the internet social sites or through connections you might have in Hollywood or Las Vegas or Honolulu. Good luck and do not be a stalker or pest, just be reasonable in your quest.

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